The Universe Story          song/poem version by Thomas R Spiritbringer

13.8 billion years have passed since our glorious beginning. When our story of unity started unfolding our Universe. Twinkle, twinkle came our stars octillions In the trillion galaxies.

4.6 billion years ago a supernova star explodes birthing our Sun and Sun’s planets, Earth and Life through photosynthesis. Twinkle, twinkle came worms and fish 500 million years ago.

Next came our land, insects, and trees, dinosaurs, flowers, mammals, and birds. Up until whales swam in our seas 25 million years ago. Twinkle, twinkle, our human species joins The Universe Story 7 million years ago.

For the last 1.6 million years. we humans discovered fire, language, and music, goddesses, agriculture, patriarchy, religions, industry, now consciousness. Twinkle, twinkle, The Universe Story unfolds each precious moment in beauty. Twinkle, twinkle, The Universe Story.


Human You         song version by Peter Mayer @  www.blueboat.net

In all of the thousand, thousand, thousand years that have passed, and days that have gone by and the countless astonishing events that have happened Like the first star to turn on a light in the sky Or like the Sun being born or the Earth being formed Or the first twitch of life in the depths of the sea Or the very first flower to brighten the world Or the very first he and the very first she. There was no one to see this and say “oh my god” No one to laugh and to weep, and now only one can uncover the Story and search for the clues.  It is you, Human, you, Human, you.

Of all the things made of atoms the children of matter  The comets and the quasars, the oceans and the stones,  And the billions of creatures who have lived on this planet  Who have walked through the ages, and floated and flown. There was never among them a poser of questions, a painter of sunsets, a keeper of dreams.  Who could measure the days and the nights in their passing And seek understanding and ask what life means.  It’s as if all of time were a song that has finally found ears  Or as if the whole world for four billion years has been lying unconscious and is now coming to   In you, Human, you, Human, you.

So in all of your hurries and your preoccupied worries About when your next meal or next paycheck will come.  In your hopes and ambitions your quest for possessions, your search for self-worth and for sex and for love, just remember that there is a deeper dimension a wider communion of which you’re a part. There’s a whole Universe that is evolving, unfolding and You are it’s consciousness You are it’s heart,

Human, You are a mountain that now has just opened its eyes You’re the wondering Earth, the awakening sky  You’re a galaxy laughing and whistling a tune.  That is you, Human, you, Human, you.(2x)


WALK “THE UNIVERSE STORY”                                                                                                                                                                      An Official Activity of 2017YearofTheUniverseStory.com

This Walk is designed to help explain and experience the context(overall story), content(all that is and was) and timeline(dates as of today) of The Universe Story. After Walking The Universe Story you will see and understand the beauty, unity and hope that each step of this journey gives to our Human Family at this time. Just follow the Markers with the Billion Year date on it then read the Activity explanation. At the end of each step take a minute and meditate on a quote from the epic book “The Universe Story.” If you are reading this on the website, just imagine the galaxies, stars and other Universe beings along each step.  Enjoy and Celebrate! Check out our website.


13.8BYA Beginning of Universe in radiant energy. Hydrogen and Helium (First Marker) come forth. The galaxies are seeded. Meditation quote “…in a great flash, the universe flared forth into being.”

13 to 5BYA The Universe breaks into galaxy clouds. The first stars appear. The first elements are formed in the stars. The first supernova stars explode and give rise to second and third generation stars. Giant galaxies evolve by swallowing smaller galaxies. Meditation quote “In the depths of silence the universe shuddered with the immense creativity necessary to fashion the galaxies.”

Each of the next One Billion Year Steps from 12-6 will list information about our known Universe as of today.

12BYA The types of galaxies are: Elliptical, Irregular, Spiral, Barred Spiral, Barred. Our galaxy, the Milky Way, is a Barred Spiral galaxy. Stars are born in Spiral and Barred Spiral galaxies. Meditation quote “Each galaxy presented their unique form to the universe.”

11BYA Supernovas are stars that explode and share elements to grow new stars. The brightest Supernova was discovered last year on June 15, 2015 in Chile. This Super-Luminous Supernova is named ASASSN-15th and was 570 Billion times brighter than our Sun! Meditation quote “The supernova is a multivalent event: simultaneously a profound destruction and yet an exhuberant creativity.”

10BYA Our Milky Way galaxy is 100,000 Light Years wide(a light year is equal to 6 trillion miles) Meditation quote “In this universe the Milky Way expresses its inner depths in Emily Dickenson’s poetry, for Emily Dickenson is a dimension of the galaxy’s development.”

9BYA The largest Galaxy as of today is IC1101 which is 6 million Light Years wide. This is 60 times larger than our Milky Way! Mediation quote “The adventure of the universe depends on our capacity to listen.”

8BYA Each Galaxy can have trillions of stars

7BYA There are five major types of stars. Blue, White, Yellow, Orange and Red Meditaton quote “If we were to choose a single expression for the universe it might be “celebration”…”

6BYA On average the age of the stars go by heat and color, like in a campfire: Blue: Hot/0-2Billion Years; White: Hot/2-4Billion Years; Yellow:Warm/4-6 Billion Years; Orange:Cool/6-8 Billion Years; Red:Cooler/ 8-10 Billion Years

5-4BYA 4.6BYA A Supernova Star explodes, birthing our DayStar Sun 4.5BYA, now an average Yellow Star

4.45BYA Earth and our planets in our Solar System are born. Earth is full of fire and creativity. As Earth cools a crust is formed. Vapor escapes from Earths interior, birthing clouds. Rain begins and last for centuries, bringing forth oceans and cools to rock. Mediation quote “What did Earth have that the other planets did not have?”

4BYA Bacteria/first cell emerges; Photosynthesis(using Suns energy/light to bring life)begins. EARTH AWAKENS Mediation quote “Every living being of Earth is cousin to every other living being.”

3BYA Continents stabilize. Ice Ages begin. Meditation quote “Sun and Earth awakened Earth’s life.”

2BYA Cells adjust to oxygen and life bursts forth. Mediation quote “Life was evoked by Earth’s dynamics, ignited by lightning.”

1BYA Sexual reproduction and eating others to survive.

700MYA(Million Years Ago) First multicellular animal appears. 600MYA Flatworms and Jellyfish; first nervous systems 570MYA Cambrian Extinction:80-90% of species gone. 550MYA Plants and Animal. Next came our Land, Insects and Trees, Dinosaurs, Mammals and Birds, Up until Whales swam in our seas, 25MYA. Our Human Species joins The Universe Story 7MYA. For the last 1.6 Million Years we Humans discovered Fire, Language and Music; Goddesses, Agriculture and Patriarchy; Religions, Industry, Now Consciousness. Twinkle, twinkle, The Universe Story, unfolds Each Moment is B-E-A-U-T-Y! Twinkle, twinkle, The Universe Story!


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