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Why Transcend, Include and Update The Gregorian Calendar?

In our probing for understanding, we need to preserve both the continuity holding together an integral Universe and the discontinuity enabling The Universe to develop through a sequence of transformations.”

The Universe Story page 76

Meaning. Humanity’s search for meaning is unquenchable. As a species within this diverse Earth Community we seem to find meaning, then lose it, only to find it again during this 7 million year Human Story. We found meaning in the night skys, stars, Moon, planets and constellations during our Human Emergence’s early years of tribes and villages in the stories told around the hearth fire. We discovered meaning again in our Goddesses, Gods and God of various mythologies, religions, spiritualities and cultures over the last 40,000 years. Now, in the last 500 years and especially the last 100, scientific cosmology is giving new meaning to who we are as a Human Family at this time in The Universe Story. And not a moment too soon.

This new meaning comes when we open ourselves up to the reality of constant change. Our grandparents would never have thought that the choices their generation made in clear cutting forests around the planet to build homes and grow food would lead to new deserts and tremendous loss of topsoil. The early pioneers of fossil fuels could not have foreseen the impact on air quality throughout the years. The Industrial Revolution that began in England around 1750 CE could not have imagined the destruction of Earth’s natural resources that we face today. Aloysius Lilius, Pope Gregory XIII and Christophorus Clavius could not have envisioned that The Gregorian Calendar would survive literally unchanged for 435 years. The following lyrics from the song “As Of Today” brings forth this reality that our generation must grasp.

As Of Today

As of Today, As of Today, All has changed since yesterday.

As of Today, As of Today, All has changed since yesterday.

This is a fact that you can’t deny Jack, cause if you do Jill will run you up the hill.

Change is the constant from microscopes to telescopes

And all in between in The Universe Story.

As of Today, As of Today, All has changed since yesterday.

As of Today, As of Today, All has changed since yesterday.

Pine trees are taller, humans too. Every hair on your head is longer, even if you only have a few.

A baby goat is born, unique from every other

While The Universe expands at a million miles a day.

As of Today, As of Today, All has changed since yesterday.

As of Today, As of Today, All has changed since yesterday.

By Thomas R Spiritbringer

We now know that we live in an irreversible, unrepeatable and transforming Universe that is instantaneously evolving. Not a stagnant Cosmos; a Cosmogenesis. Not the static Universe; The Universe Story. Constant motion, constant renewal, constant upheaval. Each second 50 old stars called Supernovas explode in The Universe spewing forth new elements for birthing new stars and planets. Fifty per second with the largest Supernova radiating 570 billion times more energy into The Universe than our Sun does! That’s 4,320,000 explosions each revolution of our planet! All in The Universe, from the microscopic Neutrino to the enormous Super Clusters of Galaxies, is transforming with no chance of returning to the way they were. This evidential knowing from the sciences is one of the essentials in bringing forth a new, updated and meaningful calendar, The Universe Story Calendar, for the Human Family’s present opportunistic moment.

Each major past calendar in our Human Story has had a particular meaning attached to it. For The Old Roman Calendar of 753 BCE it had the role of naming the 7 days of the week after the five astrological planets, our day star Sun and satellite Moon, as well as giving titles to the 10 months from March to December. In 700 BCE, The Roman Calendar added the months of Januarius and Februarius. In the sixth century BCE, during the Babylonian Captivity, the Jewish community set aside the Sabbath as the day of prayer. The Julian Solar Calendar, which began on January 1, 45 BCE, confirmed the addition of January and February months along with adopting the Egyptian Solar Calendar year of 365 ¼ days. Constantine, in 319 CE, gave us the confirmation of the 7 day week with Sunday being the first day for Christians. Mohammed, in 634 CE, declared Friday as the Holy Day for Muslims. In 1582 CE, The Gregorian LuniSolar Calendar changed the length of a year to 365.242199 days which was more accurate than The Julian. Naming, structuring and accuracy were the reasons for these great works of art for the Human Family of those times.

When looking at the so-called “World Calendars” since The Gregorian there are clear patterns of “separation” and “reduction.” The French Republican Calendar of 1792 CE was a nationalist, non-religious, nature focused calendar. The World Calendar of 1930 CE strove to reduce the year to three month quarters that had the exact same days of the week for global business purposes. Those and others have all failed to be adopted because they did not capture the values of unity, expansion and meaning.

The last country to accept The Gregorian Calendar was China in 1949 CE. Since the beginning of The Gregorian Calendar in 1582 CE when most Catholic countries welcomed this new calendar, many other nations have come around to seeing the global unifying benefits of joining in the movement. Over time non-Catholic Christian countries like Germany and Great Britain accepted the Calendar as a tool of world unity rather than a religious difference. The Universe Story Calendar clearly strives to continue this value of unity.

Through the telling of this New Story of “how all that is came to be” within the new Days of the Week and Months of the Year, the Human Family will continue seeking to understand the three remarkable questions of: Who are we? Why are we here? and How did we get here? TUS Calendar expands with deep meaning the reality of Time/Events, Space/Sizes and Contents/Beings Modes of Consciousness within The Universe Story. With the dedication and commitment to a fluid, accurate scientific updating we will see new meaning and expansion brought forth constantly.

This new calendar “transcends, includes and updates” The Gregorian Calendar. By “transcends” we mean that TUS Calendar goes beyond what was known in 1582 CE when TGC was promulgated. With all the new advances in the social and physical sciences, humanities and all other pertinent academic disciplines of the past 435 years a new Earth-wide Calendar is needed for our Human Family. Up until this present generation of humans we did not possess the knowledge and information through modern technology that catapults us into this new Ecozoic Era.

The Universe Story Calendar “includes” The Gregorian in many ways. The structure and framework of The Gregorian will be kept intact. The length of the year will be kept the same to honor our Earth’s revolution around Sun. The leap year “day” added every four years will be respected so as to keep as close as possible to an accurate length of year over that time period. 7 days in a week will be retained. The number of days in each month will remain the same for continuity. TUS Calendar will continue the gracious openness to being the container and shell for any nation, culture, faith or other group to use in celebrating their festivals, holidays, holydays and all other events.

Essential updating with meaning” will arrive for our generation when we realize that the current names of the days of the week, months and years within The Gregorian Calendar are confusing, inaccurate and falsely forming our understanding. Through our new Cosmic Consciousness of the last 500 years we now know that our day star Sun is the center of our Solar System, not Earth. Our Universe does not just go out to Saturn as The Gregorian Calendar Week tells us, The Universe Story goes back 13.8 BY to the origin moment of all energy ever to exist! While keeping the integrity of the number of days in a week, in each month and year, now is our time to tell The Universe Story through this new, meaningful calendar.

Meaning will flare forth when we seize this 500 year Re-formation and 100 year Wilson Observatory of Edwin Hubble fame anniversary in 2017 CE to tell The Universe Story Earth-wide at this time of Great Promise and Great Peril through the popular communication medium of the yearly calendar. May this key project within the 2017 CE Year of The Universe Story Initiative open the Human Family’s heart to the opportunity for a deeper unity, peace and understanding of who we are as a young species on this “Garden Planet of The Universe.”

Thomas R. Spiritbringer

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Earth Abides Catholic Worker Farm, Sheep Ranch, California

Universeday/Thursday, Human Emergence 31, 2017 CE

 2017 CE:Year of The Universe Story!

On Earth Day, April 22, 2016 we launched this website about The Universe Story written by Brian Swimme and Thomas Berry, published in 1992.  We encourage you to start off by reading some of this book that brings together science and spirit in the Grand Story of how All came to be!  Click on the explanation of the book below. Then watch the Symphony of Science video showing how we can “Read the Story of The Universe” by looking back in time. 
If you have been searching for a holistic, understandable and inspiring story of how all in our stupendous Universe came to be The Universe Story is for you.  This journey has helped many people to see why our Human Family is at a crisis point right now.  This time in our Human Story is filled with many possibilities for a new Ecozoic era of honor and love for our “Garden Planet of The Universe.”   Enjoy!


The Universe Story

The Universe Story

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