2017:Year of The Universe Story!

NEWS FLASH!  EVOLUTION WEEKEND’S THEME WILL BE “THE UNIVERSE STORY” COMING FEBRUARY 10-12, 2017! promotes the weekend closest to Darwin’s birthday, Feb. 12 as a time to celebrate unity in diversity.  Go to the website and sign up your group/church/temple/mosque!

Welcome!  The vision here is to make The Universe Story book, story and resources available to everyone.  With 2017 being the 25th anniversary of the books release we wanted to kick off the next quarter century of making the Human family more aware of our unifying Story of the last 13.8 billion years.  We invite you to browse through the site and sign the “CELEBRATION DECLARATION.”  The Declaration is for each of us to deepen our understanding and love for this Story of radiance, joy and celebration!  We all know how this time in our Human, Earth and Universe stories is one of Great Promise and Great Peril.
On Earth Day, April 22, 2016 we launched this website about The Universe Story written by Brian Swimme and Thomas Berry, published in 1992.  We encourage you to start off by reading some of this book that brings together science and spirit in the Grand Story of how All came to be!  Click on the explanation of the book below. Then watch the Symphony of Science video showing how we can “Read the Story of The Universe” by looking back in time. The “Great Ball of Fire” book that tells The Universe Story in poetic form is also linked below.  
If you have been searching for a holistic, understandable and inspiring story of how all in our stupendous Universe came to be The Universe Story is for you.  This journey has helped many people to see why our Human Family is at a crisis point right now.  This time in our Human Story is filled with many possibilities for a new Ecozoic era of honor and love for our “Garden Planet of The Universe.”   Enjoy!


The Universe Story

The Universe Story

Click on “Introduction” to read the Introduction, Prologue, Timeline and Celebration Epilogue for a summary of why this Story of All is a key to our Human Family’s journey toward Unity Consciousness!