17.1ecoThe Ecozoic Era/December Month-2017 CE

The Universe Story we have traced from its original Flaring Forth through the shaping of the Galaxies, the elements, the Earth, Earth’s living forms, the Human mode of Being; then on through the course of Human affairs during these past centuries. We could not now leave the reader of this narrative without identifying how this account of the past provides a response to the present and guidance for the future.” TUS page 241

History of Month- This first full month of our brand new The Universe Story Calendar is a key “present moment” awakening to where we are as a Human Family on this beautiful Garden Planet of The Universe. This 12th stage and month of the Calendar clarifies our unconscious destructive behaviors on the species level this past 12,000 years. Now that we are consciously aware of this profound Turning Point in the UniversEartHuman Stories, we can name this new beginning as The Ecozoic Era. Our Eco/HomEarth is in the middle of the 6th Mass Extinction with our species as the major cause. This Era will be Humanity’s greatest as we see “how this account of the past provides a response to the present and guidance for the future.”

The Universe Story- This Ecozoic Era month brings forth our present situation within The Universe Story. The past is represented by our new comprehensive, compassionate context called The Universe Story. By knowing our common New Story of how all that is came to be in magnificent glory over the past 13.8 Billion Years we can see the path toward Unity Consciousness. Our future filled with Dreams for our great-grandchildren of all species is told within this new Anthropocene Period where we focus in on our Human Family’s journey from a destructive to a beautiful presence. What a stupendous time to be alive as each of us can choose to be an esteemed ancestor who did our part in the Great Work of this Ecozoic Era!

Each Month’s Events Include the Following Four Categories:

  1. The Sun, Moon and Earth Companionship through the listing of the rising/seeing and setting/going times of the Sun and Moon during Earth’s Daily Revolution along with the four phases of the Moon’s orbit around Earth. Each month features a different location within our entire Earth Community.

  2. F aith Tradition’s New Years will be highlighted to remind us of the Spiritual/Psychic side of The Universe Story in our Human journey.

  3. United Nations Dates will be honored and celebrated as our main World/Earth-wide organization committed to peace, justice and unity for our entire Earth Community of all species and elements.

  4. Other important guides to TUSCalendar like the “Key of Terms”, historical calendar events and information about The Universe Story Calendar Book that goes into depth about how this new tool transcends, includes and updates the former Gregorian Calendar of the last 435 years.

    Seeds represent hope for The Ecozoic Era! ImageCredit:navdanya.org



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