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Whereas: We honor, with deep gratitude, The Gregorian Calendar of the last 435 years, at this time our Human Family is in the midst of a period of Great Promise and Great Peril

Therefore: In Celebration, on behalf of each unique Universe, Earth and Human Community Being, we Promulgate this, The Universe Story Calendar, on Universeday, NationScience/November 9, 2017 of the Common Era(CE), Year of The Universe Story, Berryan Date #0!



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The First Edition of Book           The Universe Story Calendar for 2018 CE  

25th Anniversary Celebration of THE UNIVERSE STORY

               Listed below is what happened on that historic day!



Universeday, Nov./NationScience 9, 2017CE  9am-9pm(3 sessions)

Valley Center for the Performing Arts

Holy Names University

Oakland, CA 94619

We invite you to register, watch and/or pass this announcement on to all your friends through all social media outlets. This Earth-wide Celebration calls our entire Human Family to “tell The Universe Story to our children” at this time of Great Promise and Great Peril on our Garden Planet of The Universe!

25 years ago on November 9, 1992, co-authors Thomas Berry and Brian Thomas Swimme were at Gaia Books in Berkeley, California signing this brand new epic book, The Universe Story (TUS). Now, 25 years later, Humanity is called on to become more conscious and self-aware of this powerful, comprehensive message of Unity and Love for all our Universe Community Members!

To register for this free event on Eventbrite, click here. To support this TUS 25th Anniversary Event please go to our Crowdrise Funding page here

Until the present we have not been able to celebrate properly this larger Story of The Universe…” The Universe Story Epilogue


Join us at our Historic Holy Names U Campus where the Sophia Center and the Institute for Creation Spirituality began through the Great Work of Thomas Berry, Brian Thomas Swimme, Jim Conlon, Matthew Fox, Mary Evelyn Tucker, John Grim, Miriam McGillis, Peter Mayer, Mary Schmitt, Drew Dellinger and many others. Come together with host Thomas Spiritbringer along with an Earth-wide community to celebrate through story, music, poetry, book, CD releases, dance and educational opportunities at this momentous kick-off event!

The day will be focused on celebrating the 3 Cosmogenetic Principles of The Universe Story: *Differentiation/Uniqueness *Subjectivity/Interiority *Communion/Kinship

9-9:30am Gathering- TUS Gift Exchange, Walk TUS Experience, Coffee/Tea

9:30-11am Differentiation/Uniqueness Session- “A Diversity of One”

11AM PST  Promulgation of our new World-wide The Universe Story Calendar!

Thomas Spiritbringer-MC Opening Ritual/The Ecozoic Era Various TUS stories

11:1512:45pm Lunch On Campus-Epicurean Cafeteria/Networking

1:003:45pm Subjectivity/Interiority Session-Deep Self-Reflection”

John Diller-Interplay   Dr. Elizabeth McAnally-“Love and Compassion for Water”

4-5:00pm Optional Wellness Activities: Group Meditation, Tai Chi, Massage, Campus Tour, Naps on Campus Lawn

5:15-6:45pm Supper on Campus-Epicurean Cafeteria/Networking

7pm-9pm Communion/Kinship Session-Being One with The Universe Story

Brian Thomas Swimme ‘The Universe Story: Past, Present and Future’  with Special Guests Carl Anthony and Dr. Paloma Pavel

8:30pm Flaring Forth Ritual and Anniversaries Party concludes the celebration!

Main Presentor’s Biography’s

All Participants- Each person participating in this historic, UniversEartHuman event throughout our Human Family on Earth is also presenting today by their presence! Through celebrating together, sharing their The Universe Story(TUS} tools at the Gift Exchange table, by exhibiting TUS through music, poetry, art, storytelling and others we each bring forth our uniqueness, interiority and kinship!

Dr. Brian Thomas Swimme- Brian is the co-author of The Universe Story with his colleague and friend Thomas Berry, whose birth on Nov. 9, 1914CE and Earthly life until 2009CE we honor at the Flaring Forth Celebration. Over a 10 year span from 1982-1992CE, they met to compile and celebrate this epic Journey of all physical and psychic energy from the Flaring Forth 13.8 billion years ago to today’s Ecozoic Era in 2017CE the Year of The Universe Story. Many scholars in TUS movement from an array of disciplines critiqued and fashioned this Great Work with Thomas and Brian as well during that creative decade.  Brian is the author of books and DVD’s involving The Universe Story including the acclaimed “Journey of The Universe” film. Presently, Brian is a faculty member at the California Institute for Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA.

John Diller- John is grateful to share his passion and joy that is Interplay. His is a trainer of Interplay facilitators as well as leader in weekly Men’s sessions on Thursday’s at Interplayce in Oakland. He lives with his wife Melissa in Berkeley and rides his bike to work everyday. He has a deep love of plants and nature. Interplay is “Body Wisdom” movement for all ages.

Elizabeth McAnally, PhD is a recent graduate of the Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness Program at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS). Her dissertation is entitled “Contributions to an Integral Water Ethic: Cultivating Love and Compassion for Water.” She works as the newsletter editor and website manager for the Forum on Religion and Ecology at Yale. Elizabeth has taught classes on philosophy, religion, and ecology at Pacifica Graduate Institute, the University of North Texas, Diablo Valley College, and the University of San Francisco, as well as free Integral Taiji & Qigong classes at CIIS. She practices yoga and Chinese internal arts (taiji, qigong, bagua, xingyi, and yiquan), and enjoys singing and playing the flute. She can be reached at


Thomas Rita Spiritbringer- Tom is honored to be the Master of Ceremonies for this momentus Anniversary. Since moving to California in 2007 to celebrate an MA in Culture, Spirituality and Cosmology from the Sophia Center at HNU, Tom has been a facilitator as well as an international trainer of the Pachamama Alliance Symposium facilitators and a community member of EarthAbides Catholic Worker Farm for the last 7 years. His “Great Work” of today is to Flare Forth 2017CE Year of The Universe Story through this 25th Anniversary along with providing new tools to our Human Family to “tell The Universe Story to our children.” He celebrates with deep gratitude you and U!(Universe) of 13.8BY, 2017CE and The Ecozoic Era!

In Gratitude and Celebration!
Thomas Spiritbringer–Organizer     Brian Thomas Swimme–Co-Author of The Universe Story



Peter Mayer, in blue, after signing 2017YTUS Celebration Declaration on 8/26/16

 Dear Human Family,

With 2017 being the 25th Anniversary of the release of The Universe Story by Brian Swimme and Thomas Berry along with our Earth Community being in the midst of Great Peril and Great Promise, now is the time to usher in the next quarter century of this unifying, healing and celebratory journey.  Now is our time as Universe Story participants to rededicate ourselves to this adventure of discovery and recovery.

We invite you to bring The Universe Story into your life.  Sign yourself and your group to the Celebration Declaration below by putting your name, email and the group you represent in the Comment box at the bottom of this page.  We will send you a confirmation email along with listing you and your group as signers of the Declaration.  Please check out our other pages on this site as well as Actions You Can Take Right Now listed below the Celebration Declaration.

In Gratitude and Celebration!

The 2017 Year of The Universe Story Participant Team


2017 Year of The Universe Story

2017 is the 25th Anniversary of The Universe Story by Brian Swimme and Thomas Berry as well as our Human Community needing to move from a destructive presence to a mutually enhancing presence on this “Garden Planet of the Universe” called Earth.
We, in celebration, declare 2017 the Year of The Universe Story (YTUS) so this 13.8 billion year journey of who we are as a Human, Earth and Universe Community can be told throughout our whole Human Family at this time of Great Promise and Great Peril.

2017YTUS Celebration Declaration signees on Earthday, April 22, 2016 at Earth Abides Farm

Actions You Can Take Now!

  • Read “The Universe Story” alone, with one other or in a book club
  • Experience Sunrise/Sets, NightSky Planets and Stars
  • Start/Join a Climate Justice or Ecology Group like
  • Create/Experience art like the “Walk The Universe Story”
  • Google/YouTube: The Universe Story, Brian Swimme, The Great Story, Ecozoictimes, New-Universe, Thomas Berry, Peter Mayer


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  1. I look forward to attending the conference and talking about how we can continue to bring Brian Swimme and Thomas Berry’s important work out into the world- especially in K-12 education.

  2. With gratitude to Brian and Thomas and to all of you who have been flaring forth in countless creative forms for all these years! Always with Love and Blessings, Anne Hillman

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